How Long Does It Take To Learn The Guitar?

How Long Does It Take To Learn The Guitar?


Hey there guitar lovers! Welcome to another entry of our guitar blog, and this time I will be answering a very interesting question that has really caught a great deal of my attention recently.

So, I’ve been asked, several times that is, as to how long does it really take to learn the guitar. Is three or four hours a day for one month enough? Or, would you be able to do it in one whole day? Now that question really made me stop and think: how long really? Now, there isn’t any solid answer to that because the length of time as to how an individual learns this great instrument is really subjective and quite dependent on a lot of things, or a lot of factors, so to say.

But, in my passion to help those aspiring guitarists who are troubled by this very common question, I’ve come up with something that will help you really determine as to how much time it takes for you to learn the guitar so that you can lay your troubled mind to rest. Here goes:

1st Factor: Your natural talent and your capability to learn

The time you spend on learning the guitar greatly depends on you. Are you a fast learner? Do you need hours just to learn and memorize something new? Your answer to those questions will guide you in this very first factor.

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2nd Factor: Your determination and interest to learn the guitar

This second factor is also somewhat related to the first one, but this time, this greatly focuses on your passion and desire to learn to play the guitar. Are you really that driven to learn the instrument? Are you willing to go the extra mile just to learn the guitar? Just how eager are you in this endeavor? Your answer to those questions guides you on determining this factor. Your intentions and eagerness to learn the instrument helps to speed up the process as well.

3rd Factor: Your materials

This also greatly affects the length of time as to how you learn the guitar. Do you have everything that you need to learn about the guitar on hand? To learn as fast as you could, you should have everything within reach like a reliable guitar, extra guitar strings in case one snaps and your learning guide. This could also refer to your guitar coach, if you are taking formal guitar lessons. A lack or a few limitations on those materials could also greatly affect the amount of time on learning the guitar.

4th Factor: Your availability or your time to practice

Just how often do you spend time on practicing the guitar per day? Do you have much time to spare on learning the guitar? Now, if you aren’t really a fast learner, you will need lots of time to practice so that you can really understand and internalize everything there is to know about guitars. Now, if you have little time, then that would definitely affect the time you spend on learning the guitar.

So there you have the different factors that are to be considered in determining the amount of time that you will spend as to how long it’s going to take in learning the guitar. I know that there are still a lot of factors that greatly affects the learning period, but these four are the most dominant of all, and will already give you a slight estimate of your own.

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So How Long Does It Take To Learn The Guitar?

In my research for this interesting question, I’ve come across a video from Youtube from a Mahalo guitar teacher, Jen Trani, and according to her, learning the guitar takes forever. Every single day with the guitar gives you new things to learn so the process never really stops. But, if we are talking about how beginners learn to master the guitar, she said that it would take approximately 6 months. I agree with her as well, six months is more than enough.

I’ve also come across another blog which gives a rather bold estimate on how long it really takes to learn the guitar and here goes:

  • Mastering basic guitar chords: 1 week
  • Playing easy songs: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Mastering barre and power chords: 2 months
  • Mastering Fingerpicking: 3 to 4 months
  • Mastering and improvising guitar solos: 6 months to 1 year

The website has a disclaimer though; these are just rough estimates and would still greatly depend on you or your experience with the guitar and how fast you absorb things. So, if it’s taking more than 4 months for you to master those very difficult bar chords, don’t be upset. This is not really a solid guide as to how each individual learn the guitar because it doesn’t make you less of a guitarist if takes you a longer time to learn guitar solos or if it’s taking you almost a month to learn those basic guitar chords.

So, I hope I have enlightened your minds and give you the slightest idea on the length of time needed for you to learn the guitar. Just remember, don’t forget to enjoy things and don’t worry too much on this. Just make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do, and I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long before you can start rocking the entire place. Cheers!

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