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3 Tips To Teach Your Child Guitar Playing

Teach Your Child How To Play The Guitar


Most parents have kids and want to see them like the same things they have interest in. Maybe you are a parent who wants to see their kid play the guitar because you love the instrument. Or maybe you just notice your child has a serious interest in the guitar and you want to help them learn to play. Either way, teaching your child how to play the guitar will be a an experience the both of you will share forever.

Limit the Lessons

One of the first concerns a parent has is if their child is too young to start learning. Of course they’re not too young but they can easily get frustrated when the lessons get too long. When teaching a child to play you should limit the lessons to about 15 to 20 minutes so they can maintain their concentration much better.

Most kids will immediately want to start playing their favorite songs without even learning the chords properly. It will be your job to make them realize what they need to focus on so they can learn to play the instrument properly.



Best Kind of Guitar to Get

The best kind of guitar to get for your child will be a classical nylon string guitar. Classical guitars are highly recommended for kids because the fingerboard is wider and allows the child to see the notes easier. Also, the nylon strings will help him or her build up calluses so their fingers don’t get cut when they start playing steel strings on an electric or acoustic.

The body of the classical is slim so your child can easily reach over it and fret all the strings. You can search online for a guitar size/age chart to see what overall length of the instrument would be good for your child. A typical 3 to 6 year old will be able to manage 1/2 sized guitars, wile 6-10 year old can normally manage 3/4 sized guitars.

You can start your child off with learn simple chords such as D, A, and E. Once they start getting comfortable playing these chords introduce some songs she can play that has those 3 chords in it. Eventually as he or she gets more comfortable start introducing Em and other notes.

To help teach your child chords you can purchase a chord book to help give the visual of the chords. Teach your kid that every finger corresponds to a certain number in the chord book. Get him or her familiar with the chords designated for each of the strings.

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Give them Encouragement

Your child is going to need some encouragement from you if you want them to continue learning. It will be rare when a child 6 or 8 years wants to pick up their guitar and actually practice their fundamentals.

teach your child guitar playing

It’ll be your duty to encourage them to practice so they can continue progressing. You can also encourage them by giving positive feedback on what they play. Encourage them to play by pointing out the important part the guitar plays in their favorite songs. Once your kid gets that type of encouragement from you that’ll be the extra push they need to stay focused and learn to play the guitar on their own.

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