Starting Out With Beginner Guitar Lessons 2023

Beginner Guitar Lessons

As a new guitar player, you’re probably excited as you start your beginner guitar lessons. Beginners are usually excited and enthusiastic when learning new things, which is a great advantage because it makes learning easy.

This excitement can help keep a new learner motivated, and more often than not, this pushes a person to strive to learn despite the obstacles that come his/her way.

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Basic Ideas


Beginner guitar lessons provide the fundamental knowledge to help you learn to play the guitar well.

At one point or another, you may think some aspects, such as proper posture, the proper way of holding your guitar, proper hand and finger positions, and finger exercises, are tedious and unnecessary. These may seem small and irrelevant, but they are essential to avoid later frustration.

Many guitar players do not mind these things resulting in sloppy playing habits that are difficult to change. It’s better to learn things correctly right from the very beginning rather than working on correcting them later on.

 Beginner Guitar Lessons


Having the discipline to work on proper posture, correct hand, and finger positioning, and regularly exercising your hands and fingers (this may seem irrelevant, but it will improve your fingers’ dexterity and ability to move fast over the guitar fingerboard accurately, will significantly help you later on especially once you start struggling with the more challenging lessons.

As long as you have the discipline for little things like these, you will have no problems facing the more challenging parts as you go along.

Keep Motivation Going


There will be times when you go along with your studies that you will encounter highly challenging lessons.

As stated, many guitar players start out brimming with enthusiasm and energy and later lose the drive to go on once things do not turn out as expected. Some lessons are challenging enough to tempt you to give up, especially if you struggle to master them.

Guitar lessons for beginners

The moment you get discouraged, always remember why you wanted to learn the guitar in the first place.

Remember that learning something new is neither easy nor smooth sailing. You always have to remind yourself that you will have to overcome the obstacles that come your way to getting better.

Be disciplined


Discipline will most likely push you forward at the onset of your beginner guitar lessons. Simply put, discipline helps you keep your sights on your goal and will help you do everything necessary to achieve that goal.

Because you aim to learn how to play the guitar well, part of the discipline is to regularly study, review, and practice. You should not limit your lessons to the time spent with your teacher, reading guidebooks, and watching instructional videos.

You have to be diligent when practicing. Discipline means that you spend a particular time once a day, every day, practicing your guitar with what you have learned so far, even during those days when you don’t feel like picking your guitar up. This is the only way to improve your guitar-playing skills.

Beginner Guitar Lessons – Goal Setting


Where do you want to place your focus during your beginner guitar lessons? True, the ultimate goal for everyone is to become a good guitar player. But then again, it is a big, sweeping goal that chances are you might lose track of as there are countless ways to reach that goal.

How to play your first chord?

The best thing to do is to break down this goal into smaller goals. What are the things that you must necessarily do and learn to improve? You can use a printable guitar practice tracker and Planners to list and set your goals.

For instance, you include the following in your list: Learn chords, chord changes, and progressions, and play some simple songs. These things on your lists can compromise the “bite-sized” goals within your ultimate goal, as these will help you become a better guitar player.

For example, you can start your beginner guitar lessons this month by learning the chords. You can set a goal that in a month’s time, you should have already learned and mastered the basic open chords. Once you already did that, move on to the next goal and work on it. Setting your goals will help you put things in the proper perspective.

All of these are just reminders that are worth keeping in mind as you begin learning the guitar. 

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